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This week we look at what drains you and what fills you up. When you're feeling low...dragging yourself in the office... grumbling around the house, everyone feels it and it repels.

We were guilty of it too with recent events, side projects, etc. to get sidetracked. SO let's find the things that fill up your bucket and recharge your batteries.

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This week, we are joined by an incredible man, father, podcaster, veteran, and brother-in-Christ, Sean Romero.

We talk about managing challenges of family, building a business, and doing that as a servant for God.

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This episode is dedicated to the fallen brothers and sisters of senseless violence, racial oppression and police brutality.


Welcome to episode 137 and this is meant to spark that fire within to keep going in business and marriage. Tune in for some simple tips to keep the momentum.

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This week, we're sharing some words of encouragement. Whatever you're doing, you must remember to do one thing...and that's play big. Play to win and play to upgrade yourself every single day. Show up for your spouse that way. Show up for prospective customers that way. God built you to play big so don't shrink, PLAY BIG!

This week, you get another look at a clarity coaching session. We speak with a new coach in the industry and guide her to look at different ways to be consistent for her supporters and trust in herself that she has value to offer. 

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This episode is brought to you courtesy of our little boy's 5th birthday. We spent the day playing games, laughing, eating, playing, eating, playing, and eating (see where we're going with this). Imagine staying in a state of childlike curiosity.

This week, you get a sneak peek into a clarity session I have with a woman named Amber who is having a challenge not only feeling trapped because of the quarantine but also trapped in a long-term relationship that's run its course. We look at some ways she can create space for herself in this situation and keep her energy at a high level for herself and their son.

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This is a short and simple message of encouragement. We pray that you use this time to improve, reflect, and recharge.

Enter week 2 of the quarantine and the lessons we've learned. We encourage you to slow down, stay prepared, and keep a creative mind.

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