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You’ve heard it before: Don’t get in business with your spouse! Sarah and Alex Dumas challenge that belief and share tips and techniques to thrive together. ABUNDANCE DAILY: The Business and Marriage Podcast is a show for helping entrepreneurial power couples succeed together as a team.

#17- High Pressure = High Turnoff

July 30, 2018

This week's episode features our journey with buying a new car and having 2 completely different experiences with different salespeople. Our experience definitely ties into Episode 13- 'The Stench of Desperation'. Sarah takes the wheel (pun intended) this week with explaining how 1 strategy of high pressure and lack of trust can destroy not only the sale but your reputation.

On the other hand being able to connect and make a customer feel comfortable releases that tension and business gets closed. There's a lot of value and funnies in our car buying experience. If you feel how we felt then tell a friend and support the movement. Thank you for being a part of the DOMI-NATION!