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#127- Burgers and Love

This week we share some funny fast food stories and how that created an awesome Valentine's Day weekend.

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This week we look at some different scenarios from being just the face of the business and bringing your spouse into the fold or different transitions that may require you to shoulder the load.

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On the aftershocks of terrible news learning that Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and several other passengers were killed in a helicopter crash yesterday, we pay tribute to his life and how his "mamba mentality" on the court can be applied to strengthening your marriage.


We look at the dynamic of associations and the impact on your business and relationship. This week, pay special attention to those around you and their influences in your everyday life.

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#123- Be A Pro

As a continuation of achieving your goals in the new year and creating results, we look at being a professional. 

A professional approach will not only serve you as you create clients but also enhance your relationship with your loved ones.

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Happy New Year! Welcome to the 1st episode of 2020. This was recorded live via our Facebook page (we will be opening up a private group for this type of live content...stay tuned for more info).

We're looking at the challenges and pitfalls of the standard New Year's resolutions and examine a way to shift into a results-oriented year instead. 

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This week we are joined ultra-positive mom, wife, entrepreneur, podcaster, marathon runner, Monica Tanner. She shares he insights on exactly how to live on the brighter side of life and create fulfilling marriage. 

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Tune into Episode 120 as we break down the real numbers of creating a profitable business in 2020 along with supporting your goals for an even better relationship with your spouse. 

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Dec. 23- Monica Tanner, stops by to share how to get On the Brighter Side of Life.

Jan. 1- Always & Forever in 30 Days date night course begins

Episode 119 features our movie review of Netflix's 'Marriage Story' and how that connects to our previous free masterclass 'H.O.W. To Support Your Spouse'. 

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Consider this a part 2 of Episode 117, this week we're looking at creating a marriage that you want. We break down 2 key components to this and pray that it makes a difference in your relationship. 

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